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Clearwage is an online pay scale and salary management service. We offer support for companies from setting up a salary pay scale to managing it on a daily basis.

Pierre-Alban Toth and Cédric Raud,
heads and co-founders of Clearwage.

Our story

We are previous members of Captain Train, a french company where we made no compromises concerning our culture and people. To avoid problems related to salary and reduce workplace anxiety, we created a special compensation system based on fairness and transparency. The goal was to turn the topic of compensation into a source of fulfillment for every employee. We took uncertainty out of the equation altogether so that all employees could rely on a trustworthy system and be liberated from salary-related issues. This allows people to focus on what they can bring to the team.

The results have been spectacular. When we shared this vision with other startups, many were convinced by our approach. It made us want to take the idea further. That’s how Clearwage was born.

The concept

Clearwage offers a simple method for companies to define their pay scale step by step. By combining the salary pay scale and the remuneration of the entire team in one tool, it’s easy to plan your increase policy as well as your budget for recruitments.

We support ourselves by charging access to the service via an annual subscription. Our goal is to democratize fair compensation plans with the best possible tool. The more satisfied our customers, the happier we are!


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